Single Of The Week: Temptation by Sebastian Bach

He is definitely in my opinion one of the greats when it comes to frontman and I have always admired Sebastian Bach’s vocal style because the man can belt out a tune. Unfortunately due to all the drama that is Skid Row, we will probably never be able to see the original lineup back together, but that isn’t going to stop Sebastian from creating new material. In fact, he has a brand new solo record coming out called Give ‘Em Hell which promises to be heavy and amazing. What I have for you today is the music video for the brand new track called Temptation. Besides the video featuring some sexy ladies including Sebastian’s current girlfriend Minnie Gupta, you see Duff McKagan who guests on the record as well as band members guitarist Devin Bronson and drummer Bobby Jarzombek. The song starts with some cool guitar effects from Bronson sliding the hand down the fretboard before he kicks it into overdrive. The songs lyrics are clever as he talks about all the evil temptations that plague man and they match it in the music video. I am very impressed with the track and I cannot wait for the album to drop on April 22ND Via Frontiers Records.

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