Cover Of The Week: Revolution by Stone Temple Pilots

stpThe point of a cover is to take something that may have influenced you and you pay tribute to it by reimagining the song. Back in the 1950’s and before, it was common place to have three or four versions of one song because someone would take it and reinterpret the song. A lot of times in my opinion it was because of racial issues hence the reason a lot of Elvis’s older songs were covers of songs that were written by African Americans. In the 1960’s a band emerged from England to literally take over the world of music and they have since become idolized. Of course, I am talking about The Beatles who were a very influential band for rock and pop music. Revolution was a song that I always loved from The Beatles because of it’s distorted, edgy sound. Then some decades later comes the Stone Temple Pilots and their cover of the song which is a version I love. The band doesn’t stray away from the classic sound of the track, but it’s Scott Weiland’s vocals that amaze me the most about the track. I think it’s absolutely amazing and definitely a cover worth checking out.

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