Album Of The Week: Trick Or Treat Soundtrack by Fastway

trick or treatSince I am doing Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween all month long here on Eddie’s Entertainment, I figured I would fashion some of my weekly posts after it as well. I know that I said the album of the week wouldn’t be affected, but I changed my mind as soon as I started to think of albums or artists that have to do with Horror/Halloween or anything like it. The album I chose this week was a soundtrack to a horror film that featured Ozzy Osbourne as a priest and Gene Simmons as a disc jockey called Trick Or Treat. The film was released in 1986 and the whole entire soundtrack was done by Fastway which featured “Fast” Eddie Clark and Shane Carroll on guitars, Dave King on vocals, Paul Reid on Bass, and Alan Connor on Drums. This was also the bands fourth studio album that they had released. If you’re a fan of Motorhead then you should have recognized the name “Fast” Eddie Clark as he was the original guitarist for Motorhead. If you’re a fan of Irish punk rock like the Dropkick Murphy’s then you might recognize Dave King as he is the singer for Flogging Molly.

trick or treat 2Trick Or Treat is the first song on the album and it has a real raunchy rock feel to it while maintaining that 80’s style with the gang vocal choruses and the need to yell rock several times. After Midnight reminds me of Kiss’s Uh All Night during the verses while Don’t Stop The Fight  showcases the band’s abilities to write a raw and crunchy metal track that has elements reminiscent of Motorhead. Stand Up is one of the most recognizable songs on the album with it’s thumping bass riff and screaming guitars. Tear Down The Walls starts off with some ominous sounds before it kicks into an AC/DC like rock track. Get Tough is next in line and the riff is as sleazy as Dave King’s vocals, but Hold Onto The Night sees the band channeling their inner 50’s rock and roll style. Heft is a rock opus written in the style of Led Zeppelin with the chunky bass and drum beats and a guitar playing style that screams rock swagger. It’s actually one of the best tracks on the record and it features a great solo from Clark as well. If You Could See closes out the album and it starts with the song being acoustic before it shifts into overdrive. They are some track on here that are good, but for the most part the album is okay. fastway was a hit or miss band for me in the 80’s. So, with all that being said i am giving the album 3 stars out of five.

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