Ink Master Season Three: The Road To The Finale

Ink Master: Enduring the PainIn this episode of Ink Master, it was down to the final four and only one person was going to movie on to the live two hour season finale next week. Kyle Dunbar, Tatu Baby, Joey Hamilton, and Jime Litwalk are the final four tattooers that were left for this episode.  For the flash challenge, things were going to be a little different for the contestants as they were no more flash challenges to win, but there was a twist. There was only one canvas for the challenge and all four had to tattoo him at the same time, but there was another twist. Each one was given a design to tattoo from a past guest judge and they only have three hours to do it, but that is not all. After they were done with that, they had four human canvases that the judges would assign to each one, they had six hours to do it, and they could choose whatever they wanted as a design.

So for the first challenge, Chuey Quintanar’s design went to Jime and it was a LA style skull, Seth Ciferri’s old school design of a rose and dagger went to Kyle, Troy Denning’s Japanese style design went to Tatu Baby, and Corey Miller’s dragon design went to Joey. For the next challenge, Joey decided to do a realistic tiger, Tatu Baby decided to do a skull with a flower, Kyle decided to a do a day of the dead style skull holding a regular skull, and Jime did a new school space girl. How did the judges feel about the work they did? Well all three decided that Jime was the overall winner while they were disappointed in the fact that Tatu Baby didn’t finish the first one, but they loved the second one. Joey had really good lines, but they weren’t happy with the first while they liked the second one and Kyle nailed the first, but they hated the second one as they could decipher what it was at first. So, Jime was the overall winner while Joey came in second, but who was going to get the third and last spot?

Last year, Tatu Baby never made it past this very round as she was eliminated before the finale. We all know that she has been up and down all season long, but when she shows up, she shows the f*** up. Kyle has sort of been the middle of the pack type guy even though I have liked a lot of his work. In the end, the judges gave the third and last spot to Tatu Baby, but they told Kyle that he would have a chance to return next year if everyone votes for him. The judges then told the three of the final contestants that they would have a open canvas for the finale and that they had 35 hours to get the job done. So, next week at a special start time of 9PM Eastern Time, the season finale of the third season of Ink Master will be upon us, but who is going to take home the 100 grand?

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