Cover Of The Week: Motorbreath by Menza/LoMenzo

What would an ideal band made up of former Megadeth members look like in your opinion? Well having Nick Menza and James LoMenzo is definitely a pretty good start to the Megadeth All Star Team. The two have joined up to start a new project that still does not have a name at this point so I am calling it Menza/LoMenzo for right now. The project is still in it’s infant stages as the two have only recorded a cover of the classic Metallica Kill Em All classic Motorbreath with guitarist/vocalist Davor Garašić from Croatian thrash metal act Sufosia providing vocals for the cover. As we all know, Nick Menza joined Megadeth in 1989 and played until 1998 while James LoMenzo (FMR White Lion Bassist) was in Megadeth from 2006 to 2010 where he can be heard on United Abominations and Endgame. In an interview with Bravewords Nick had this to say about working with LoMenzo, “James is a top-notch player with a killer sound and I’m totally pumped and looking forward to creating some heavy original material with him once we officially solidified the rest of the line up. Things are still in the developing stages soon as James fulfills his touring obligations with John Fogerty we will sink our teeth into this project. Right now we are having some fun and collaborating with other players from around the world via the internet to see what’s out there, nothing is set in stone…” We’ll have to be on the lookout for anymore new music these guys produce, but for now check out the blazing cover of Motorbreath below:

Album Of The Week: The War Within by Shadows Fall

the war withinI have always been excited to hear when local bands to my vicinity have made it “big” because Boston was never really a huge hub for rock or metal like Los Angeles and even New York. We were never Motown or even Hotlanta, but we are a blue collar city that develops bands with a blue collar mentality. One thing Mass and the New England area has been known for is the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal other wise known as metalcore and even hardcore. Bands like Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, All That Remains, Unearth, and our band whose album is being reviewed here is Shadows Fall. Shadows Fall hails from Springfield, Mass and the band had gone through several singers from the time just before they were signed to right after the release of their first record, but it was the line up that consisted of Brian Fair (Vocals), Jonathan Donais (Guitar), Matt Bachand (Guitar), Paul Romanko (Bass), and Jason Bittner (Drums) that I grew to love. I discovered the band after listening to their cover of Pink Floyd’s Welcome To The Machine on their The Art Of Balance album that had me interested in hearing more from them. I thought they had the coolest sound and they were the more metal sounding band to me out of the scene reminding me of the fierceness of Metallica. So what we have here is their seminal fourth studio album that was released through Century Media on September 21, 2004. The album has sold over 300,000 copies and remains the best selling album that Century Media has ever released.

the war within back coverThe album opens up with The Light That Blinds and the song starts off making you think that everything is calm and that it’s serenading you. Just when you least expect it, it hits you with the fury that Shadows Fall is known for and it’s what I love. The guitars in the song fluctuate between Thrash and Death Metal which gives it that in your face sound. Enlightened By The Cold continues the metal mayhem, but with a much more in your face approach. The song also features some clean vocals from Bachand. Act of Contrition is just as fierce as the first two tracks and it features some killer guitar playing and solos. Most of the songs on this album deal with overcoming all the BS life can throw at you that may corrupt us. What Drives The Weak was the radio hit from the album even though it barely got any real radio play, but it had all the elements of a radio single and it features more of Bachands clean vocals in a track I believe that is talking about Antidepressants and the people who depend on them. The hard charging Stillness is a track that talks about being able to gain a clear perspective on life and we sometimes let the world pass us by without even realizing it. Inspiration On Demand is the most popular single that Shadows Fall ever released as it debuted at number 33 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. The song is a little more on the lighter side of what the band is used to recording, but it’s a song about taking your depression and harnessing it into positive energy.

the war within CDThe Power Of I And I is an amazing track that reflects on how we are born into this free and pure, but we are the ones that create hell for ourselves and everyone. Ghosts Of Past Failures if you guessed correctly is a song about being haunted by past failures even though we try to move on from them while the song is a straight up metal song that is as hard charging as any of the others with it’s 80′s metal hook like choruses. Shadows Fall are metal thrashing mad with Eternity Is Within, a track that teaches you to stop living your life like you are going to die and just enjoy the moment. Those Who Cannot Speak is a song that Brian wrote about his autistic niece and nephew. The song starts off much like how the album kicks off with it’s very warm and inviting style before it launches into electric madness. This was definitely one of my favorite albums from the band and still is one of my favorites. I am going to give the album four stars out of five for a final grade.

Live Track Of The Week: Good Mourning/Black Friday by Megadeth

megadethI was checking out the new cover that Nick Menza and James Lomenzo did when this gem was suggested and anyone who knows me knows that Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying is my favorite record from Megadeth. The year is 1990 which means that Marty Friedman, Nick Menza, David Ellefson, and Dave Mustaine are touring together as the new version of Megadeth supporting the Rust In Peace record. The amazing thing about the video is how on fire the band was at the time as they blaze through these classic tunes. Nick Menza’s playing is just off the charts and it’s show right in this video as he commands the drums and Dave Mustaine’s playing is absolutely fierce. This was Megadeth in all of it’s glory and I have to be honest in saying that this was my favorite Megadeth lineup out of all of them. The video was published on Youtube courtesy of Nick Menza and this video was shot at Wembley Arena in London on October of 1990. Do yourself a favor and watch the magic that is Thrash Metal in it’s purest form and check out more from Nick Menza on his Youtube page by clicking here.

Parody Of The Week: Lame Claim To Fame by “Weird Al” Yankovic

alWe are releasing a second parody of the week because the king of parodies is back yet again. And who are we to deny him his rightful place in the Parody of The Week for a second week in a row. He’s back with yet another video from his new album Mandatory Fun and this time he is name checking some celebrities along the way in Lame Claim To Fame. The video takes the ideas of star sightings and how lame people’s stories are and it kicks it up a notch as “Weird Al” leaves no celebrity unturned. Being a metal fan and a huge fan of Motley Crue, one of the line sin the song is, “My neighbor’s babysitter dated three of the guys in Motley Crue.” He also name checks celebrities like Steven Seagal, Jack Nicholson, Jonah Hill, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt, Zooey Deschanel and Christian Slater. Hopefully, Steven Seagal has a sense of humor and he won’t try to fight “Weird Al” Yankovic. One of the cool elements of the video I noticed is that it reminds me a lot of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer video with the animation they use. Check out the video below:


WWE Battleground 2014: My Thoughts

I traditionally have done this after every WWE PPV where I offer you my thoughts on the PPV and the winners and losers of the night. As I said in my prediction post and it was that last years Battleground was a complete flop and to continue the name they had to step their game up big time and for once they did. I really enjoyed this Pay Per View even though I was disappointed that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose didn’t actually get to fight. What it does do is that it furthers the storyline for both men and I have a feeling that there is going to be some more upcoming rematches in the future after tonight. The USOS and The Wyatt’s kicked off their second straight PPV being the first match of the night and they delivered one heck of a match that was hard to follow. AJ Lee and Paige had one of the best Divas matches I have seen in a very long time out of the WWE which was very cool considering they are the best two divas around. Rusev and Jack Swagger had an incredible match ending in Russev picking up the win due to a countout, but I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we see these two fight. Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt had one hell of a match as well and this is another match I feel will get a rematch considering Jericho won. The Battle royal was good until The Miz won and the Fatal Four way match wasn’t the greatest match of the night, but it was a good one. So ,when you’re looking at the overall picture of it, I am going to give this PPV a B+ because what a heck of a turnaround from last year. Good job WWE and here is all the results.

The USO’s defeat The Wyatts

AJ Lee defeats Paige

Alexander Rusev wins via Countout

The Miz wins the Battle Royal

Seth Rollins wins via Forfeit

Chris Jericho defeats Bray Wyatt

John Cena defeats Kane, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton

Pre-show matches:

Adam Rose defeats Fandango

Cameron defeats Naomi

bray lana brigette lana paige swagger usos wyatss

WWE Battleground Preview & Predictions

So, tonight is the second annual WWE Battleground which we all thought was going to be the WWE’s version of WCW War Games, but obviously not. Last year’s Battleground PPV was an absolute failure in my opinion and this one could quickly go in that direction as well. It’s going to take place at The Tampa Bay Times Forum and one of the cool things about the event is the poster with Bray Wyatt doing his spider walk. So they’re having a 20-man battleground battle royal to decide who will win the vacant WWE Intercontinental title after Wade Barrett went down with an injury. We are going to have two divas matches with Cameron taking on Naomi and Paige vs AJ Lee. Then you have the USOS taking On The Wyatts, but two matches I am looking forward to seeing is Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins which could have an ending that none of us will like. I feel like the fatal four way match is definitely against John Cena’s favor because of the rumors going around and the fact that Brock Lesnar is advertised for Raw the next night, but I think it’s time for Roman Reigns to reign supreme. Here are my predictions for the night:

Cameron defeats Naomi

The USOS Defeat The Wyatts

Bray Wyatt Defeats Chris Jericho

Sheamus wins the 20 man battle royal to unite the US Heavyweight championship and Intercontinental titles together.

AJ Lee defeats Paige

Rusev defeats Jack Swagger

Seth Rollins defeats Dean Ambrose by outside interference

Randy Orton wins the fatal four way match

Rock Docs: Who The F**K Is Arthur Fogel?

arthur fogelJust like last week, we are taking a different look into the music industry and going beyond your usual documentaries with Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel? which was directed by Ron Chapman who used to own a club in Toronto, Canada. Ron was basically the first guy to really give Arthur Fogel his shot in the music industry. Arthur Fogel isn’t your typical tour manager/promoter because he has gone above and beyond to change the music industry and the way they set up tours as we know it. You’ll hear testimony from other tour promoters like Donald Tarlton and musicians like The Edge, Bono, Sting, Lady Gaga, Andy Summers, Geddy Lee, Mark Gane, Martha Johnson, Adam Clayton, Scott Kennedy, and so many more as they run through all the major events and bands he has been apart of.

arthur fogel 2They literally run through his whole entire history from the time he was a drummer in a band all the way to the formation of what would eventually become Livenation. Arthur was a big player in the component of how touring worked because at the time, the nation was divided into sections or territories much like professional wrestling was with one guy running a whole entire territory. arthur broke that barrier to create one global touring entity so that bands could finally make money on one huge world tour with The Rolling Stones being the guinea pigs. With the new look in how Arthur ran things, he has run every major tour you can think of that has made tons of money from U2′s Pop Mart Tour, 360 Tour, Madonna’s big tour, David Bowie, The Police Reunion Tour,  and Lady Gaga’s Monster’s Ball Tour. He was even the guy behind the disastrous Guns N Roses/Metallica tour. He has definitely earned the trust of his clients and they keep going back to him cause he’s a proven winner. It was actually a pretty decent documentary and it’s definitely worth checking out. I am going to give the docan B for a final grade.