First Kiss and Now Vince Neil Gets In The Football Game

vinceEssentially, Jon Bon Jovi was the first rocker to own an Arena Football league team when he was the owner of the Philadelphia Soul from 2004 to 2008. Kiss brought football back to Los Angeles when they created the Arena Football League team LA Kiss which has been somewhat of a success although I haven’t looked too much into it yet. Now, Vince Neil of Motley Crue has decided that he wants to own an Arena Football Team as he is in talks to buy Jacksonville Sharks franchise and if it’s a done deal, he will move them to Las Vegas. Vince commented on it by saying, “I sense the city would love it. I know that I will because it’s on my home turf.” Vince is definitely trying to secure his future post-Motley Crue as Vince is the owner of several restaurants, a tattoo parlor, a strip club, and his own brand of tequila. He hopes to move the club within the next couple of years, but here he is on the league, “It’s a great action sport growing in popularity with every game. There are some incredible players. I love the game. It will be perfect to have an AFL team in Las Vegas.” This wouldn’t be the first football franchise in Vegas as they had the Locomotives of the United Football League until that folded as well as the Las Vegas Outlaws of the failed Vince McMahon project called the XFL. We’ll just have to wait and see how this works out for Vince.

Rob Zombie To Release Zombie Horror Picture Show And More…

zombieIf you’ve never seen a Rob Zombie live show then you have definitely missed out on one heck of a live performance. The atmosphere at Rob Zombie shows is magical in a way that Alice Cooper shows must have been. I’m proud to say that I’ve seen Rob in concert at least five to six times over the last 16 years that I have attended shows so when i found out he was releasing a Live DVD titled The Zombie Horror Picture Show, I was instantly excited. What I am providing to you below is a interview that he did with Full Metal Jackie on her Loudwire Nights show courtesy of Enjoy:

On the show with us, the one and only Rob Zombie. How are you?
Fine and dandy, how are you?
Happy to have you on the show, really excited about this upcoming DVD and Blu Ray. ‘The Zombie Horror Picture Show,’ the concert DVD and Blu Ray, will be available May 19. Over the years, Rob, you’ve always resisted the idea of releasing a concert video. What changed?
I don’t know. I really hate being filmed, truthfully. That’s part of the reason and when I’m doing TV shows or anything, I never watch them back. I found having cameras around really, really annoying. But then I thought, we’re not getting any younger and the show isn’t going to get any bigger, so we better film it now before it’s us live at Joe’s Bar and Grill somewhere.
The band is as good as it’s ever been, the show is bigger than it’s ever been. Now is the time, now or never. Even when we did it, I was like goddamn they get on my nerves. But I sucked it up and went with it, and it turned out fantastic. I was really happy with it.
Rob, the live show overwhelms the senses. What is the trick to making the ‘Zombie Horror Picture Show’ still seem bigger than life while watching it in your living room?
It’s like anything else. The trick to us was the way you film it. There’s a certain way everyone films home videos for the most part. The camera to the type of lenses, everything. They’ll film a Willie Nelson concert and a Slayer concert the exact same way. I knew what I needed to do, I needed all the cameras hand held and I needed them in the crowd, so you’re always shooting through the people. So at all times you see the show like you’re there. Our shows are chaotic, they’re hot and nasty. They’re a big mess by the end of the night.
I needed the cameras to capture that. It’s too clean. So we had about 20 cameras, we had them everywhere of all different types and it worked out great. When you watching it, if you’re a fan of our concerts or you’ve been to one of our concerts, you’ll say that’s exactly what it felt like to be at that show. That was my goal. A lot of times, you remember a show being crazy and you watch the concert video live and say, “Wow it seems to tame, or different than I remember.” That was the key. Capturing the moment.

To read the rest of the interview, please visit the website here.

Cheeseball Cinema: Sharknado (2013)

sharknadoDo you know what the SYFY channel is starting to become at this point in the game? The Lifetime channel of horror and Sci-Fi films especially with this gem that I just watched. Sharknado was a huge sensation last year with horror fans falling in love with how God awful this film is. The movie is about a tornado that hits Los Angeles and California, but this isn’t any ordinary tornado. Fin (Ian Ziering), an old champion surfer and his family are battling for their lives against a tornado that carries all different kinds of sharks with it. Along with friends and family, they’ll try their best to beat the Sharknado before it eats them all. The movie also stars Tara Reid (American Pie) as April, Cassandra Scerbo (Bring It On: In It To Win It) as Nova, John Heard (Home Alone) as George, Jaason Simmons (Baywatch) as Baz, Alex Arleo (Celebrity Sex Tape) as Bobby, Neil H. Berkow (Zombie Apocalypse) as Carl, Chuck Hittinger (American Reunion) as Matt, and the film was directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (Boo).

aaIf it wasn’t for the fact that this became an instant cult classic amongst horror fans, then I would have really said that Tara Reid and Ian Ziering’s career’s have literally gone into the toilet. This isn’t the worst film that I have ever watched, but it’s just ridiculous. They start off with a scene on a ship where some kind of deal is going down that first introduces the sharks coming out of nowhere right into a surfing like montage. You can tell when stuff is done with a green screen because it’s painfully obvious and the driving scenes are laughable when it seems like it’s raining worse when the camera is inside the car then when they give you the outside shot. All I know is that there is a second movie in the works and I am sure that I will be right there to watch it like most of the fans of the first film will be. The acting is cheesy, some of the shots are cheesy, and Tara Reid’s acting abilities are cheesy. On a scale of 1 being close to an A-List Hollywood film and 5 being the cheesiest film of all time I am going to give it a 4 only because I enjoyed watching Cassie Scerbo.

File:Sharknado poster.jpg

Tragedy In Ohio Once Again

aaThe other day I was talking about things that shouldn’t happen when going to a concert or an autograph signing and yet something happens in Ohio once again. Ten years after the tragic death of Dimebag Darrell in Columbus, Ohio, shots were fired at a metal festival in Cleveland this past Saturday night. A local TV station stated that violence had broken outside The Foundry nightclub in Cleveland during the Firefest 2014 that resulted in shots being fired and people seriously injured. A nurse at one of the hospitals reported that someone had come in with Machete and stab wounds. What the hell is wrong with people? The owner of the club Mark Witherspoon wrote a lengthy post on Facebook shedding some necessary light on the whole situation. You can check out the post here. One of the witnesses on the scene Dawn Kendrick talked about what she had seen, “They slammed into my car because they were fighting. There’s blood all over my car and dents. I just ran. There were guys everywhere fighting. I heard four gunshots.” According to reports 23 people were taken in to custody, to view the news report from the local station, you can check it out here.

Single Of The Week: All Rise by Wovenwar

wovenwarIf you don’t know who Wovenwar is, well I don’t blame you, but they are definitely a band that I deem worth to get to know. Last year, the members of As I Lay Dying (Jordan Mancino, Phil Sgrosso, Nick Hipa, Josh Gilbert) had to endure some devastating news when their frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested in the murder for hire case. Fans as well as I wondered what was going to happen to the rest of the band and now they have answered back with their brand new band Wovenwar which is completed by former Oh, Sleeper vocalist Shane Blay. The band has released the Single All Rise which is fitting considering the band has the chance to rise again. The band is at work on a brand new disc with Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) taking the producer helm while Colin Richardson (Machine Head, Trivium, Slipknot) handles the mixing duties. The band is hoping to have an album out for all of their fans by at least late summer, but you have to check out this track. The band is more melodic and their are some killer harmonies going on with this band. To get more info on the band, please visit their website

Cheeseball Cinema: Eaten Alive a.k.a. Death Trap (1977)

eaten aliveApparently, Tobe Hooper thought that after Texas Chainsaw Massacre that he was going to make a film that would rival Jaws. I know it sounds like a ridiculous idea, but nevertheless I am presenting to you Eaten Alive a.k.a. Death Trap which stars Neville Brand (Birdman Of Alcatraz) as Judd, the owner of a rundown motel what seems to be next to a pond. The only problem with the whole operation is that old Judd snaps and starts feeding his customers to the giant crocodile that he keeps next to the motel. The film also stars Marilyn Burns (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) as Faye, Mel Ferrer (War and Peace) as Harvey Wood, Carolyn Jones (House Of Wax) as Ms Haddie, William Finley (The Black Dahlia) as Roy, Stuart Whitman (Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes) as Sheriff Martin, Kyle Richards (Halloween 1978) as Angie, Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street) as Buck, Crystin Sinclaire (Caged Heat) as Libby Wood, Janus Blythe (The Hills Have Eyes 1977) as Lynette, and the film was directed by Tobe Hooper as mentioned above.

Crystin SinclaireThis isn’t the greatest horror film of all time and neither is it really that cheesy either. The film has pretty decent moments, but in no way shape or form does it compete on the same plane as Jaws. I had a hard time at first understanding Neville Brand’s character of Judd till I just figured out that he’s some whacked out old guy in the middle of nowhere. Tobe definitely did have an early obsession of having all of his films portray small town Texans as whack jobs cause if I had seen this with Texas Chainsaw back in the day I probably would have never ventured to Texas. I thought some of the scenes were just really weird and awkward especially with Finley’s character Roy getting pissed at his wife played by Horror vet Marilyn Burns (who by the way is put through some torture in Hooper films). I didn’t understand that concept other than the fact that they are one hell of a dysfunctional family. You don’t get to see a lot of the croc until the end of the film which is typical of this genre. However there’s a couple of decent flash scenes with Sinclaire and Blythe and you can’t argue with how cool Robert Englund is in this film. On a scale of 1 being an A-List Hollywood film and 5 being the cheesiest film of all time I am giving this one an 2.8 for a final grade.