Acoustic Track Of The Week: Disposable Heroes by Metallica

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “There is something to be said about artists whose songs can easily translate when all of the instruments are unplugged.There is also something to be said about thrash metal bands that are able to take their music and turn it acoustic.” That is why I chose who easily could be the greatest heavy metal band to ever exist ad definitely one of the original titans of thrash metal in Metallica for this week’s Acoustic Track Of The Week. The Bridge School in California is a school that helps physically disabled kids learn to overcome their disabilities by learning how to play instruments and music. I believe there are concerts that are held there every year to help benefit the school and I grabbed a performance from Metallica at one of the benefit concerts in 2007. The video I have for all of you is Metallica’s acoustic rendition of the classic Master Of Puppets track Disposable Heroes. It’s actually really incredible to hear this song played acoustically because when I was a kid I never thought it could be done. Check out the track that James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert completely rock out with all the wires unplugged!

Album Of The Week: The Paradigm Shift by Korn

kornA lot of die hard Korn fans have been waiting for this moment when Brian “Head” Welch has rejoined the fold and they were more than excited to hear that there was new music. The Paradigm Shift has been one of the most anticipated releases from Korn since they had announced that they were indeed working with Head again. It’s the eleventh overall album for Korn and their seventh with Head on guitar. The album also features the usual suspects in Jonathan Davis (Vocals), Munky (Guitar), Fieldy (Bass), and Ray Luzier (who records his third album with Korn)and the album was produced by Don Gilmore. Munky helped describe where the album title came from, “It’s a term encompassing different perspectives. You can view a piece of art from one angle and it takes on a certain image. If you look from another angle, it’s a completely different image. We liken that to Korn in 2013. With Head back in the fold, all of the elements fans have loved since day one are there, but we’re interpreting them from a new perspective. It’s a bigger, brighter and bolder Korn.”

korn 2
Every great Korn record has a song that just hits you like a freight train right from the start like Here To Stay from Untouchables, Right Now from Take A Look In The Mirror, or even Blind from the self titled. Prey For Me is that track on the record that hits your subwoofer like a bomb and you can’t do anything, but headbang with Fieldy’s slaptastic playing and the demonic 7 string attack. Love And Meth starts with an awesome bass line from Fieldy before it explodes in with the sonic assault in this groove metal laden track. The song also features some of the best vocals I have heard from Jonathan Davis. What We Do follows in the same pattern as the last track and if your not happy so far then I don’t know what your problem is because Korn is delivering. The track has elements that remind me of Untouchables and Take A Look… in it. Spike In My Veins is Korn further exploring that electronic element from the last record on this mixed with some crushing metal. Mass Hysteria is up next and when it kicks in he hits you like a sledge hammer. Then out of nowhere it gets calmer, but just when the coast is clear the sonic assault comes back in full force. Paranoid And Aroused has a little of a hip hop feeling in Jonathan’s delivery mixed with the metal side reminding you why they were kings of Nu Metal. For Never Never, see

kornPunishment Time is one of my favorite songs on the record cause it’s a typical in your face with the typical melodies that help you escape. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of Lullabies For A Sadist, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be. Victimized also features the electronic side of Korn which is probably influenced by J.Devil (JD for those who don’t know) mixed with the twin sonic assault. It’s All Wrong ends the album and it doesn’t disappoint as Korn is smart and stays heavy with the grooves. I hate to say it to all the haters out there, but Korn is back and they are here to stay. Do your self a favor and go out and buy the record. It’s well worth it and see Korn live if you can. I am going to give the record 4 stars out of five.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014)

Sin-City-A-Dame-to-Kill-For-teaser-posterThere’s a lot of talk as to why the second Sin City film titled Sin City: A Dame To Kill For bombed at the box office earning a mere 6 million over the weekend. The problem with that is the neo-noir film cost 60 million to make and we probably will not see a third Sin City film. What could have possibly gone wrong with a film that I believed to be a highly anticipated film back in 2005? Well, there is one possible answer to that question and it’s maybe the fact it took nine years for this one to finally see the light of day. Did Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez lose their faithful Sin City audience by making them wait so long? Erik Lomis of the Weinstein Co. told the LA Times, “The first thing that your gut says is it took too long to get it on the screen. I think when the first one came out, it was unique, it was different, it was a really cool concept and clearly people didn’t think that about this. It didn’t resonate.” Some say that the original Sin City film was unique for it’s time and that the idea of these types if films have been perfected like 300 and 300: Rise Of An Empire so when this film came out it was just a little too familiar and not unique enough. 

eva greenNevertheless, I journeyed to my local theater to catch the sequel and I have t say that I thought the film was pretty decent. It really helps that I have a huge celebrity crush on Eva Green (300: Rise Of An Empire) who is practically naked throughout the whole entire film. The film follows three different stories in Sin City all about a dame to kill for. Josh Brolin (Oldboy) plays Dwight, a man that is looking to permanently keep the monster inside at bay until an old flame (Green) comes back into his life to use him with her sexuality. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon) stars as Johnny, a kid with a lucky hand who beats the wrong man in a poker game and pays the consequences for it. Finally everyone’s favorite stripper from the first film in Nancy (Jessica Alba) is struggling with the death of the one man she loved in Hartigan (Bruce Willis) so she goes after the one man that caused all her pain with the help of Marv (Mickey Rourke). The film has a lot of amazing action, but at times it feels like it drags a little. There was nothing wrong with anyone’s performance in fact Powers Boothe, Christopher Meloni, Jeremy Piven, Christopher Lloyd, Dennis Haysbert, Ray Liotta, Rosario Dawson, and Juno Temple were all terrific as well in the film. I would have loved o have seen more of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character Johnny a lot more than you did. One of the things this film was accused of was that it was too sexual and too violent, but that is what I loved about this film and the original. I would have give the original film an A for a final grade if I was reviewing it, but I am not going to be harsh on this one. So, with that being said I am giving the film a B for a final grade. 

Juno Temple

Juno Temple

What If Part 7: Movies & Dr. Seuss Mashups

The last what if looked at what if you’re favorite horror films of today were released in the era of VHS getting the retro VHS look. Now we are looking at a different what if, but it’s still in the movie category and it’s mixed with a legendary children’s book author. The question of the day is what if some of your favorite movies were turned into Dr Seuss titles. DrFaustusAU from deviantART made up some really cool drawings mashing popular culture and the legendary children’s book. If I had seen these on the shelves as a kid I probably would have made my parents buy it for me back in the day. Instead, i avoided reading anything from Dr. Seuss as a child. If you want to see more from DrFaustusAU, just click here. Check out some of the drawings below: 

ghostbusters mars attacks predator silent hill star wars the silence of the lambs v for vendetta

BoJack Horseman Season 1 Report 2nd Quarter

bojack HorsemanIf you’re like me and you have reached this point in the series then you are obviously hooked on the new animated series with Will Arnett as BoJack Horseman, the talking horse who used to be a part of a big 90’s sitcom, but finds himself a has been that just wants to belong again. In the fourth episode of the series entitled Zoe And Zeldas, Bojack finds himself in a place where he is told that he is not supportive enough of Todd (Aaron Paul), so he reluctantly helps Todd work on his rock opera.  Meanwhile, one of Diane’s ex-boyfriends is writing an article about Mr. Peanutbutter, but t’s just a cover up to get her to dump Mr. Peanutbutter. The episode is very clever and you’ll figure out in the episode that BoJack is a very clever horse when it comes to making you think he is doing something kind. In the fifth episode titled Live Fast, Diane Nguyen, BoJack and Diane’s trip to New York gets sidetracked when Diane finds out that her father has passed away. So, they head to Boston to what they believe will be a funeral. Meanwhile back at home in LA, Todd decides to run a scam claiming that BoJack’s house really belongs to David Boreanaz until he gets into some deep trouble. This was honestly one of my favorite episodes so far. The scenes with Diane’s family is priceless with the thick Boston accents and the obsession with sports. 

In the sixth episode titled Our A Story Is A ‘D’ Story finds BoJack and his rival Mr. Peanutbutter at each other’s throats over the love of Diane. Both of them will go at great length’s to try and one up each other just to gain her affection. BoJack will even steal the D in Hollywood, but Mr. Peanutbutter’s will turn that around to his advantage. Meanwhile, Todd is in jail over the whole David Boreanaz ordeal and he has to choose between two rival gangs in Prison so that he doesn’t get killed. Once again, I am still impressed with what is happening here on BoJack Horseman and I will continue to watch the series. It still gets an A for a grade. 

What If Part 6: Horror Films & VHS Covers

I don’t know about you, but I loved the way a lot of horror films looked when they were released on VHS back in the day. Some of you youngins may not know what a VHS is and that is just sad. VHS stood for Video Home System and it was a consumer level analog recording that was put on video cassettes. You see films weren’t always available for consumers to buy until the VHS and the VCR was released. It pre-dates the laser disc and the DVD so that means everyone bought VHS cassettes. Well, today’s What If takes a look at what if you’re favorite modern day horror films were released on VHS, what would the cover and back covers look like. Well, I have some examples for you below. As always enjoy!!!

drag me to hell evil dead exit humanity paranormal actvity sinister the collector the descen The Strangers trick r treat

Cover Of The Week: Rock ‘N’ Roll by Sister Sin Featuring Doro

Doro Pesch is one of the most legendary female metal singers of all time not just for her solo material, but also for her time in Warlock. That is the reason that old school metal band Sister Sin from Sweden (by they way, this band is also female fronted) called on her to join them for a cover of the mighty Motorhead classic Rock ‘N’ Roll. The band actually does a great job capturing the rock and roll fury that is the spirit of that track. Liv Jagrell also does a great job with her vocal style for the track as it isn’t easy covering Lemmy who has that deep growl. Doro will eventually come in with that thick German accent, but she does a terrific job and she is an absolute sweetheart. The cover is actually pretty good and its definitely worth checking out. I’m not too sure what the band is up to, but if you want more info visit their website by clicking here. Otherwise, watch the music video the band made for the track below: